Bitter Bitch Banter

Being surrounded by women sometimes can be a nightmare for me mainly because a teenage boy lives within me; I would rather be hunting, fishing or simply playing Black Jack at a Casino inhaling the Soy Sauce flavored smoke from the Cambodian lady next to me.  So I end up in this vicious circle of women (Black and Brown) talking about how “their” men are all suddenly escaping to the White side and abandoning their people.  I don’t know if the Brown chicks were aware that when they are not in the room, that they too are part of the problem.  Kobe, Tiger, Taye Diggs, and the list went on and on.  I looked around at these most interesting creatures and never realized that they knew Kobe, Tiger, Taye or anyone else on the infamous infinite list.  I guess that this monstrosity of a woman with the bad attitude and bad kids was the one that was going to get Kobe if school aged, thin and visibly new Vanessa had not shown up.  Who knew?  Let’s face it folks these ladies were atrocious.  I couldn’t take it anymore and had one of my outbursts, I tend to do that.  Instead of stating the obvious, I simply pulled out my lap top and led them to this site and told them to STOP BITCHING and JUMP IN!  There are plenty of White men out there willing to settle.

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