Sorry You Didn’t Make It!

The other night I attempted to attend a post BET event that I was invited to… I hate Hollywood’s contents sometimes.  I walk over to the door in my designer gown, fully made up and in the best of moods…it appears that Ole Hulk Hogan at the door didn’t receive the We’re Happy Memo, he was a COMPLETE ASSHOLE and proud of it AND this asshole looked familiar.  The funny thing about his “gangster” was that he ONLY directed it at women and gay men… so when he directed it towards me I politely pointed that out—–>”Say Brother, all these men standing around here looking dangerous and tough and I’m your target???  What’s up with that?  He became angry and proceeded to really show me his muscles.

I think to myself, “Why are these people so mean?”  I couldn’t believe how they were treating people… One of them nearly came out of the closet when Sean Combs/Puff Daddy/Puffy/P-Diddy/Just Diddy/DiddyDirtyMoney ARRIVED,  he proceeded to move women out of the way like they were terrorists with bombs strapped to their backs headed for the day care where his child was.

Then, I remember seeing his Head Shot on my Dry Cleaner’s wall…

HE WAS AN ACTOR!  An actor that didn’t make it and NOW EVERYONE IS GOING TO PAY, yeah especially you lady in the green dress. This is why so many people that are in this town doing those jobs that we tend to look down on (when we shouldn’t) are so outwardly frustrated and downright disrespectful.

Well, I am here to tell you Mr. Door Man at Mr. Chow on BET Awards night that there is still a chance for you.  There are plenty of roles for bouncers/security guards/police officers/ inmates/ janitors/ gang members/ butchers/ firemen/ roadhouse attendants/construction workers (hey you could be the Foreman, he’s in charge) and many, many more to name.  It is not over for you, you can still make it…think Morgan Freeman and Sir Anthony Hopkins, they’re a 100 and still working.

I was supposed to be the Terminator!

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