An Indecent Proposal

My greatest wish is to be a successful talent, specifically the first Latina of Late Night Television.  I have been in this town auditioning for every thing from technical school commercials to Spanish Novelas, all I do is work to get on that screen.  What happens to me a few months ago?  I get my chance…  As I was preparing for bed I hear my car alarm go off and  I run out to see who was stealing my car.

It was none other than that infamous SUPER HERO:  REPO MAN, and what do you know?  He wasn’t  alone, he was with a reality ready camera crew, and YES they were filming the entire thing.  A few months prior I had to make an executive decision about paying school tuition versus a car payment,  I chose the kid (since no one else seemed to).  So… they repo’ed my car and by “they” I mean the dealership.  As I stand in embarrassment in front of the very neighbors that just watched my performance at TheLaugh Factory with Chris Rock, I watched my car carrying my son’s football equipment hauled away for everyone on Colbath Avenue to see. I ran for cover (I was feeling faint), the producer slow jogged behind me and politely stated wearing her savior complex, “If you sign the release form we’ll give you $1000″.  I caught my breath, and asked  “How much does it cost to get my car back?”   She immediately disclosed $3500, “Fuck you” as I mumbled “Make it $3500 and you have a deal”.

4 thoughts on “An Indecent Proposal

  1. Too familiar! My guy was a hottie and my lil brother’s pet rat was in the back seat. The hottie came back and returned the rat and I also collected other personal items…

  2. $3,500 though! whoa, that dealership was NICE Aida! I woulda been your sugar daddy yesterday if I had money the day before yesterday…or would have tried rather…or given you an indecent decent proposal agreeable and a win win for both parties.

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