Asher Brown and Tyler Clementi: No Laughing Matter!


Tyler Clementi, 18









My thoughts and prayers to the families of the two young men (Asher Brown, 13 and Tyler Clementi, 18) that took their lives after being bullied for their sexual orientations. Shame on those that use religion or anything else as the tool to unleash hate and judgement.  This has apparently become a trend as being mean is now such a cool thing.  Parents you know when your kid is the bully and some think it’s cool because your child isn’t the “weak” one.  It always turns “Bully” and at one point you will be on the other end of it.  The people that support this behavior are the ones that kick others when they are down, make fun of anyone when the opportunity presents itself and have no respect for anyone.  Congrats to the parents that send these awful souls out into the world without accountability or conscience.  Didn’t think prison would be an option, did you?  To the young lady and man that invaded Tyler’s privacy and posted his personal business on the internet, I don’t have to wish you bad, life will take care of you.  To those kids that beat Asher and kicked him down the stairs the day before he shot himself in the head with a 9 mm, life has a great one for you too.  But to the parents of these society wrecking monsters, hats off to you for tending to the most important part of parenting: raising a decent human being.  Cheers.