Same Thing Make You Laugh, Make You Cry!

Every Comedian has their foundation, mine is rooted in the pain of self destructive eating habits.  I have had an eventful life and as part of my journey I had a stop in the world of modeling.  Being 14, standing 5’10 and being ethnic during a time when it was fashionable, granted me an opportunity to explore the world of fashion.  An interesting world that is dominated by gay men setting the bar for what a woman should look like; the skinnier the better!  No wonder the white models look like Orlando Bloom and the black ones, Amistad.

There I was at an age when I was still in development, one thing was for sure, that my Puerto Rican/Dominican hips were going nowhere.  They were handed to me through my genes and would forever affect my ability to find jeans.

Nothing has changed, last year three models lost their battle with anorexia and were taken from the world very young.  So as I tell my story with a punchline attached, I feel that if there is no cause attached to what I am saying, I am really saying nothing.   I get many emails from women that feel my pain, every day women that feel that pressure to meet this ridiculous standard set by the magnificent people at Vogue and Elle.

This Is Who I Will Never Be!

I will never be a size 4 again, this used to make me cry and sometimes still does.  I have been told by agents, managers and industry folks that I should lose more weight and the curse of “thinner” continues.  So, I tell jokes about it and my vengeance is reflected in my set.  I want to release the everyday woman of this farce that these people actually look like this without any help.  It’s easy to have a flat stomach after 4 kids when you can afford a plastic surgeon to be in the delivery room.  It’s easy to maintain your weight when you have a personal chef and trainer.  And even when you have those things, there is this reality that your body gravitates to its natural body weight whether you like it or not, hence Oprah.  And what is wrong with that?  Nothing, I am sure Oprah only loses sleep for her quite lucrative work!

No preaching here…ladies this is my tribute to you.  Claim your life, embrace your true you and remember you are your prettiest when you are being you!  I will continue to fight the good fight, one mic at a time.

*** “I’ve been in overeaters anonymous for a couple decades – i used to be a dancer and the hell of body obsession and obsession with being a size zero (which is impossible for my body type anyway) drove me insane. seeing you up on stage and how goddess-like you are brings me one step further to loving “what is” about myself. after 19 years of not bingeing, the body obsession still lingers. yet “keeping it real” like you do, helps me look in the mirror and smile.”  Anonymous
*** As a 5’11” former model who said she quit the industry because she “got tired of being hungry all the time,” Aida had a physical grace and elegance that made for an interesting contrast with her brash, outspoken comedic style.  On topics ranging from her Puerto Rican heritage to her experiences in the modeling industry to a hilarious reinterpretation of Memoirs of a Geisha, Aida Rodriguez’s no holds barred style of comedy kept the audience roaring.  An especially striking feature of Aida’s performance was the way she immediately drew the audience into her and infused us with her own energy. –Niclole Force, The Examiner

2 thoughts on “Same Thing Make You Laugh, Make You Cry!

  1. Awesome realization Aida!!! “Claim your life, embrace your true you and remember you are your prettiest when you are being you!” I love it!!!

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