Extinction of the “DATE”

Am I living in a dream land where unicorns run about and there are fountains flowing of honey.  That is what I sound like when I ask a man if he is asking me out on a date.  It’s like speaking a foreign language.  When did the word “date” become a bad word.  I don’t know if we should blame anyone for this OR if this is just a sign of the times.  But something as simple as a date is what I require from a man that is trying to get to know me.  It isn’t about money or materialism but standard courtship.  I would much rather you invite me to a coffee shop in broad daylight to talk, then to watch a movie at your house late at night.  Excuse me Sir, who do you think I am?  Better yet, who do you think I’m not that I am not worthy of an outing that entails conversation, interaction and communication none with any sexual expectation.

OK, now here’s the Aida remix, because when I get too civil some of these birthday clowns get out of line.

If you don’t want to see my face in the daytime, you are not worthy of my nights.

You don’t get to taste my tongue, just because you bought me dinner.

Going to see a movie at your house is for someone that is ALREADY your girlfriend, NOT the woman that you are trying to get to know.

I don’t care what “she” did, “she” is not ME, and I am here.

If you don’t wan’t to invest your money in a fancy dinner, cook one, pack it up and bring it with you.  We can have it at a park, museum but NOT at YO HOUSE!

And DON’T ask me to go on a date via text, that will get you ignored in public the next time I see you.

Get the picture…I don’t know what happened along the way, some of my fellow ladies laid down their requirements and started taking whatever some of these chumps are willing to give them but it must STOP!

As for me I will continue to be who I am and whether that is good or bad to you, it works for me.  Blockbuster is going out of business and so will you if you don’t know how to ask me out on a regular, fun, interesting, intelligent, one on one, text-free, sex-free, simple, thoughtful, genuine DATE!

Get Used To It Homie!

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