Rebirth of Salem: The Witch Hunt is BACK!

I am a JAY-Z and Beyonce fan!  There I said it, now they’re going to come get me next.  I have been listening to sooooo many rumors, stories and rhetoric about this new Illuminati frenzy that I can’t take it anymore.

sidebar I know, I know, I got Jay-Z and Beyonce jokes in my stand up.

SO! —>  I have jokes about my Mama too and I love her.

Back to matter at hand, the Illuminati Conspiracy dates back to the 1900’s with “King David and them”.  My point is that this is nothing new, it has been going on for the longest.  Why are we worried about it now?

Here’s the thing that bothers me most.  Why do we have to attribute success and power to “Devil Worship” ?  Did we forget the years, months, days and hours that some of these people put into their work?  Are we not aware of their tunnel vision and “by any means necessary” drive?

Satanism is a voluntary faith, just like any other.  You are not hypnotized into believing in the devil.  If Jay-Z, Kanye, Beyonce, Lady Ga-Ga and whoever else worship the devil, why do you care?  You don’t have to join in or do you?

It’s starting to get a little ridiculous  and I tell you that this  Hammer contribution being on that side of the argument ain’t helping a bit.

Why are we so concerned with other people’s business? A few years ago people made it because they were gay, now it’s because they worship the devil.  What’s next?  “Aww, she only made it cuz she kicks it with the aliens.”  I can see the headlines now…

AIDA RODRIGUEZTalk Show Queen Slept with a Martian.

Asgard-Kicked it with Oprah, Madonna, Ellen and Aida










***Disclaimer for the Dummies–Aida Rodriguez in NO way,  shape, form or fashion is saying that she agrees with, supports or endorses Satanism…This post is simply a reminder that minding other people’s business is a great distraction that keeps you broke. “YUP!”

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