BEWARE: If You Don’t Like Curse Words

I overheard one of thee dumbest conversations I have EVER heard regarding child support.  It went a little something like this…

Dumb Ass #1  That Bitch is trying to get him for child support.

Dumb Ass #2 What is wrong with her?  Doesn’t he see his kids? 

Dumb Ass #1 Yeah, he does, he is a good dad.  She is just hating because he is living with me.

Dumb Ass #2 She must want some money for dumb shit, it shouldn’t be about the money, it should be about the kids.

Alright, that is all I can stand quoting without losing brain cells.

By the way, you DUMB ASS BITCHES, this dumb shit you speak of is what?  Food, clothes, shelter, medical care…etc…BASIC FREAKIN NECESSITIES, you useless, awful broads!

As of late I keep hearing this continuous argument about how it shouldn’t be about the money.  I totally agree that you should never make the children feel like they have a price tag on their heads, but damn, don’t use this as an excuse to undermine a very important factor in being the majority caretaker of a child…MONEY!

All of a sudden the pursuit of money has become a bad thing…and yes mothers are now being judged for seeking the financial compensation from an absentee parent.  I am sure men go through this and I feel you should fellas should go get your money TOO!

Anyway, I want to address a more specific issue here, and bring it on if you disagree.  I am a single, sole providing mother that has had NO assistance in my journey.  I make no excuses, there are no victims here, this is a result of a bad choice THAT I MADE<—Understood.

Not taking care of your financial responsibility with your children is against the law.

Most child support court orders will allow a non-custodial parent to be incarcerated (put in jail) if they fail to obey the law of paying child support. A non-custodial parent can be sentenced to jail time for up to six months. While incarcerated, the parents are still responsible for the amount due and future payments.

Hey Man, not my doing…it’s just the law.

Therefore if you break the law you are a CRIMINAL and if you don’t know what that means click HERE

Sooooo, you women that are living with these men are harboring a criminal, that makes you an accomplice!  MEANING they should take your ass to jail too!

This should be YOU!

5 thoughts on “BEWARE: If You Don’t Like Curse Words

  1. Aida dearest, I whole heartedly agree with YOUR perspective, not only because you’re beautiful, funny and I wanna get some, but because it’s true. HOWEVER, there are women who have f*cking taken advantage of and misused childsupport to support their own endeavors…and for that reason, unless they were talking about you, I’d like to read the rest of the dialog. And if they were talking about you, please vblog about it! 🙂

    1. The rest of the dialogue included how he bought her a bracelet and took her shopping and the child’s mother was jealous. He couldn’t give her money because he was trying to get on his feet but he could take another woman shopping? Don’t know James, I heard enough to know that some of these bitches are crazy. Now, I agree about some women being abusive with the system…YES but that is not always the case. Many men are not doing their job, I know many.

  2. I agree. I am a product of a single mother who raised me with no assistance. I would beg her at a young age to go after my father but she refused and in doing so she busted her ass, worked two jobs and went to school to develop herself and take care of me. Although her doing so made her an amazing role model for me, this is NOT okay. Even if it was the circumstance of a BAD choice, it was made by TWO people and while my mom hustled my father went off and provided for another woman and 4 other kids!

    Not only were these Dumb Asses ignorant but they are the result of the warfare that women have against other women. Lack of respect and morals have diminished in exchange for a penis in bed next to you at night. What’s worst is those same women who defend their man’s outrageous irresponsibilty are the same women that would be the first to file for support if the shoe was on the other foot.

    Oh yea, and just coming around every now and again doesn’t make you a father or a daddy…more like an uncle or worthless excuse for a man/sperm donor. I saw my father twice in my life by my own choice added to the fact that he was a flake and all he ever gave me was a hat and a big ass teddy bear. That shit did nothing for my college tuition.

    1. Girl, I hear you LOUD AND CLEAR! And I overheard more I just didn’t want to quote it all, it wasn’t like they felt the man was trying. They truly believed that because he visits his kids that it should be enough. Women need to stand in solidarity and respect one another, I wholeheartedly agree with you. We have surely fallen victim to the “divide and conquer” method. We are the first to go in on one another.

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