A Lil Crazy…and it won’t go away!

Love Taps

I think that everyone of us has been involved with that one person that made us BATTY CRAZY,  out of our fuckin minds CRAZY! Ever been with the one that made you feel like an addict and had you reaching for the needle one more time?  I KNOW I HAVE- no shame here.    I remember being up at night, sleeping on doorsteps ready to fight her…if that isn’t denial…what is?  And why did I want to fight her??? HE DID IT!  But that is what happens when you have an addiction, the shit is sooooo good you think of murder when you have to share.

CRAZY is an interesting place to be with someone— at times you reach the highest point, you are together and can do anything from playing Hop Scotch to thinking about robbing a 7 Eleven —> that’s the ultimate connection right?  Then you hit the club with him, and as you reach for the drink  you peek over you shoulder (thinking he’s peeking back) only to find him locking eyes with another chick ZZZZZZZZ shit gets so fuzzy that you don’t realize that you busted him in the back of the head with the very drink you were buying OUCH!

As a result I find myself having my visits with crazy.   Yes, I drunk dial and send pics to show him all that he is missing.  I call to see if he’ll answer when she’s around, and when he does for some reason, my CRAZY ass feels like that is a victory.  This is that coo coo shit for realz.  Thinking that I may never find someone like that again, when in reality, that would be a blessing.

They say that some girls are rigged for self destruction because they like bad boys… don’t know, maybe we just like the boys that allow us to be the bad girls that we are dying to be deep down inside.

I know many have been through something similar and I offer no judgement.  It just has made me understand people better.  I get it, there are many of us out there flying with a broken wing, it’s hard to keep your balance.

Soooooo… I know longer pretend to be normal at the beginning of a relationship.  I say…go as you because YOU are going to eventually show up anyway and that is false advertising.  At least I tell it, I don’t do the dumb shit of asking for a phone call to let me know you made it home safely, I WANT TO KNOW YOU ARE NOT BANGING SOMEONE ELSE…I’d rather you be injured than cheating.  If this turns you off, then I am NOT for you so keep it stompin pimp!

Happy dating my fellow crazies…please don’t misunderstand if we happen to be out one day, and I run into HIM, and for a few seconds we share an eye to eye moment where no words are exchanged.  We just belong to a space where at one point in time we actually believed that what we were in was called LOVE and we are still trying to find the real definition of that bitch!

My glass of Rose in hand, I toast to the song that has caused a remix viral reaction. I think I know why everyone has their own version of this song.  This is my favorite.


Love Hurts

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