Twit Pics Gone Wild!

What’s up with some of these Twitter Avi Pics?  I find it hysterical that at times random pictures of asses pop up on my page with a caption that reads : Who To Follow.  Really?  Some pictures stun me so much that I actually don’t know what to do.

These Pictures

I mean what exactly can I get from text dispensed by the above?  A twit pic from a party where she really got wasted and did the “damn thing”?  A misspelled Hellen Keller quote thrown in the midst of a How Hot I Really Am confessional tweet-down?

I get it, you wanna get the followers up and make people aware that you are HERE!  We all do, which is why we take our own angle on how to get people to take note of us …but damn for reallz???

In addition to posting these pics, you are revealing your location and sharing with the general public AN INVITATION!!!!  Bitch, are you crazy??? You are what Ted Bundy went to sleep dreaming about as motivation for his next adventure.

Any who I admire you brave souls that take the risk and put up these pics and wait for a response…I am sure it is making up for that void that you feel from your middle school madness.

Where am I following this

to the nearest mirror to show you how fuckin ridiculous you look?

And fellas don’t act like it’s just the ladies.  The only male I want to see oiled down in a picture is a brand new baby with eczema.  Pull your pants up, put your shirt on and use your word spell whenever you decide to log on to!

Disclaimer:  I have posted a few cute, trying to be sexy pics of my own, but then someone who loves me calls and says “Take that dumb ass picture down, stupid” and I take heed.

Some of my views can be constituted at as hating, touche, but damn!

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