Gold Diggers Exposed!


Hollywood says that I am too aggressive to be a woman, too Urban to be mainstream, too dark to look Latin, too light to be Black, to tall to be a leading lady, too fat to be on screen and yadda, yadda, yadda.  When Sarah Silverman is more shocking than I’ll ever be, Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle have the Urban thing on lock, Zoe Saldana is darker than I am, Halle Berry is the same complexion as me, Charlize Theron, Sigourney Weaver are taller than I am and nobody is the weight they look without the assistance of that good ole magical airbrush!  My name is Aida Rodriguez and I am 5”10, 145lbs and a size 8, that is what I AM!

My point is that if I wait on “Hollywood” I will never get to work on the projects that I love.  So…I have decided to make my own movie about a world that I believe is fascinating because it exposes the harsh reality about some fundamental truths that live in all of us.  That belief that men marry pretty girls and those pretty girls marry men that can pay their bills.  I assembled a journal over time about my own experiences in dealing with a professional athlete and came across some people that are worthy of any 30minute slot on a network for a reality series!

What I need is 10,000 people that have ever felt artistically constipated to come aboard and each just give me $1.  In exchange you will become my production partner to see this little (well maybe not so little) brown girl’s dream come true.

Your money will go to securing a cast and crew, we have to feed this people or they won’t work!  I need a few locations and clothes and props and so and so.  A choreographer, makeup artist and hair person, wardrobe person will all work for a small budget…they are ANGELS.  I will NOT get paid for this, every penny will go to employ someone else, my payment is that I GET TO WORK!

If we don’t make our goal we will still make the trailer so long as we have enough money to, if not we will return your money.  You will be informed every step of the way.  Nothing will be confidential with regards to your funds, you can always email me at with questions about our budget.  The site we have selected to fundraise is a reputable site and you can always track your funds.  Please take a moment, give a dollar and share with your friends, this is my Rocky!

Here is where it begins.

5 thoughts on “Gold Diggers Exposed!

  1. the world needs a platform to show the gold diggers who have broken hearts and taken all the money and ran off. help the other guys by showing the scum. A gold digger warning site….. Check them out before you marry them. Kinda like Car Fax. But for women!!!!

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