It’s Christmas again, WTF…

I was walking through the mall yesterday and abruptly bumped into a man walking out of Victoria’s Secret.  He was mumbling bad words with a scowl on his face holding what seemed to be somebody’s gift.  I would hate to be the recipient of that Seven Hundred Dollar Bra, it definitely came with a spirit, but I doubt a jolly one.  After that I began to look around and I have to say that the majority of the people looked unhappy, stressed out and downright pissed. Is that what the holiday season has become?  I feel bad for the people that really become enslaved by this and end up making that resolution in January to get their finances in order.  You are exactly who these corporations make these ads and commercials for that eventually lead to duress and financial pressure.

I am not purchasing anything for anyone for Christmas, I don’t believe in it.  Perhaps you’ll receive a gift from me on December 28th or January 11th or perhaps when I get some fucking money.  Are you going to stop being my friend because I didn’t give you anything on the 25th of December?  Really?  Then kick rocks now, consider yourself warned.

I don’t believe in it and I won’t be a slave to it, call me what you want.  I don’t remember any gifts that I received when I was little, maybe a few memorable things, but for the most part no.  I remember my mother cooking an amazing meal, my uncles dancing with me and my grandmother telling stories about her old Puerto Rico…that is the tradition I want to continue in my family.  I asked everyone that matters to make to me something with materials that they already have, this will be an exercise that will bring us closer.  For the most part we are staying away from the malls and madness and are enjoying one another for what we really represent in eachothers’ lives:  constant, unconditional love and that doesn’t come with a price tag.  Hey Santa, fuck you too!

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