Love, Success and Sucka Free!

Greetings my friends, 2012 is upon us!  I am so excited about the new year, even if to some this is the year of doom.  Isn’t it funny how so many dwell on the negative because they don’t have much positive going on.  I have decided to let this year symbolize the end, but the end of an era in my life that is now officially over, my 2012 is the beginning of a new day.  My new year will be centered in gratitude, as it has proven the most effective method to cause “more” to come into my life.

I have had an amazing journey in 2011 where I experienced love and loss, joy and pain, hope and despair.  I figured out that all of these are the basis of my evolution (to launch me to my next level) and the push to become my better self.  

One thing I learned this year (some times) things are not what they seem and the proof is really in the pudding.  Here are  a few of my lessons with a little explanation.

Every day is precious, honor it.  My grandmother is in her 70’s and was diagnosed with stage 4 Cancer some months ago.  I was told that it was not looking good and she was probably at her end.  I remember crying and praying with my good friend,  desperately trying to get to her.  I just got off the phone with her and since that horrible moment we have lost many.  My point is that while I had made a decision to mourn my grandmother, she made a choice to LIVE!

Love is an action word!–It scares off those that don’t operate from it.  When someone tells you that they feel a certain way, pay attention to their actions and you will know all that you need to know.  Don’t waste your time, those that aren’t fluent can’t learn the language and unfortunately…you can’t teach them.  Those that truly love you, love you out LOUD!!!

Those that are real in your life don’t care what you have. You ever loved someone so much that you can’t imagine being without them?  That is how you should love yourself and part of loving yourself is being aware of who and what you are surrounded with.  Those people in your life that give you that unstable feeling in your stomach, that you make you feel like you have to constantly pitch, entertain or appease are called variables.  Variables don’t produce fruit in your life, as you become wiser you will learn to surround yourself with the constants.  It is the constant that will go with you to Saks as well as the swap meet and will be fulfilled MOST about the time spent with you.  My grandmother never talks about the cars she drove or clothes she wore in the 70’s, but she always talks about those that are still around from that time.  People that truly love you don’t look at what you have, they stare at who you are!.

Take time to be thankful, really you should.  Sit down one day and take a look at your “body of work”.  What have you done in your life?  From the day that you were rolling around on a skate board to where you are now.  How many things have you accomplished?  How many people have you affected?  How many smiles you have caused?  How many moments have you shared with another?  It is all so beautiful, if you allow it to be.  No matter what your circumstances are if you are able to read this, you are connected to some technology while someone somewhere is being involuntarily circumcised, beaten, oppressed, hungry, hurt or just simply thirsty.  Perspective is the ruler of your life, don’t ever forget that.  What you choose to see is what will be, stop complaining and start rejoicing, and SEE what it gets you.

Just a few things to ponder, I am no philosopher or genius,  just some one that has lived.  I am designing my gratitude journal for 2012 and will list you as one of the things that I am thankful for.  I hope that in some way you too can be thankful for me.  Believing that you are blessed to know one person in your life that sees you as the gem that you are.


Aida Rodriguez

Proud Child of God/ Self-Loving Woman,/Mother of 2 Amazing Spirits/Daughter and Granddaughter of Champions/Unconditional Sister/The Love of Someone’s Life

6 thoughts on “Love, Success and Sucka Free!

  1. Just read this to my beautiful husband and kids over new yrs dinner!! I started to cry as you truly reminded us all how grateful we all should be!! …today and evry day. Lol xoxo

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