Angelo Bowers Gets His Wings!

On January 2, 2012 we lost our friend in laughs and love Mr. Angelo Bowers.  He was someone that really had no enemies, he was a rarity.  A gem is more like it, he was everything that was GOOD.

I had an opportunity to work with him, he graced my last film with his presence and genius.  Every moment he spoke, everyone erupted.  I didn’t hang out with Angelo everyday but every time I saw him, I felt better and my day was brighter.  Never hung up the phone without the resounding words “love you girl”.  If you ever had the opportunity to meet Ang you know exactly what I am talking about, he was the epitome of genuine love.  I took a road trip with Angelo and our friend Jon, and my babies, and it was to date the best road trip I ever took in the name of comedy.  He and I came up with a politically correct name for midgets: baby persons.

Though I am sad for myself, I am most sad for Jon, Josh, Byron, Jerrod, Yassir and Johnny because when you saw them with Angelo, you saw the best in them.  I certainly will be one of those people that will always remember him and continue to speak his name.  He started his angel work here on earth so I am sure that he is up for a promotion.  Angelo if you are reading this, you affected many including me and I will always remember the joy that I felt whenever I was in your presence.  Love you boy!

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