My name is Aida Rodriguez, a very common name for Latin women world-wide.  How do I know this?  Because I, like most people in the world, Google myself to see what comes up.  Not only did I find out some interesting things about myself on the net, I also learned what many of my fellow namesakes are doing in the world to keep the name spicy.

Here’s what we found:

There is a woman who has decided to bring honor and justice to our name.  She is an “Attorney at Law”, ooh, makes me feel not as big in the world.  I actually think that she and I kinda do the same thing:  we both put on a performance, hope to get some laughs and convince our audience to side with us.  She’s the fancy pants of the “Aida Rodriguez” operation and seems to have an office in a really good neighborhood, unlike my apartment building.

“Aida Rodriguez has passed away!”  A blog post reads, and I have to tell you that it was pretty sad to see me go.  Good to know that she made a good name for us in the great state of Pennsylvania.  She was loved by many and was an amazing spirit, at least that’s what the blog says.  Makes me wonder if this is true, or just the stuff people say after someone dies.  She, apparently was good for cooking and inviting people from the community over for a meal.  I do that too,  but you must provide wine and spirits.  RIP Aida, thanks for making a good name for us.

I also found some bad girls wearing the “Aida Rodriguez” badge and I gotta tell you that I don’t know if I want to mention those bitches right now because I am a bit disappointed  BUT we gotta take the good with the bad.

Aida Rodriguez –Wanted in Arizona for purposely giving her partners (yes, plural) the Herpes virus.  When they catch her, we need to have a talk.  I think I am going to request a name change.

And finally, the Aida Rodriguez  whose picture on Google Images had a promoter questioning my funny.  She is in jail for a home invasion in my native Florida, she looks like she is no joke!  I have provided a photo,  YOU  tell me what you think.

God always finds a way to keep me humbled, this is the one instance where I am not so happy about it.  See, I could never indulge in the infamous attitudinal “Google Me Bitch” because truly it might end up in me never getting a phone call again, ever!

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