Day 1: Funny Aida Does, Jokes, Pilates and Herbs!

DAY 1 is always the toughest, your body goes through food withdrawal and the workout feels like a bust.  I decided to take off with a blast like most resolution-ists and then taper off to a major fall off later.  No, not this time, that’s what I like to tell myself but let’s see how this works out.  I actually followed all of the rules for my detox with one minor exception of tasting the mashed potatoes that I cooked for “the others”.

I got up, threw on the ultra work out gear, did the mid swag jog ala Rocky (around my living room) and decided to really get serious.  I reached for the Yoga mat and popped in two DVDs.  I started my workout with my GAIAM lower body pilates workout with Jilliam Hessel and then I got my urban mid section workout on with Celebrity Trainer Jeanette Jenkins.  I gotta tell you that my entire body is sore, I thought this would be a mild workout but I played myself, Pilates and Jeanette is for the real warriors.

A day of pears, stretching, Pilates and Milk Thistle is for the real gangstas of today, if you don’t believe me try it.

The Goal!
The Goal!

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