Getting Wild Out Here…Day 5

One of the most difficult things about detoxing for me is that I can’t work out as hard as I want to.  It is a time to detoxify and rid my body of toxins so my defenses are low… the workouts in my head are just as effective  as the dances I do in my car!

Today was one of the days when I felt it the most.  I didn’t do a workout per say, but I stretched for 30 minutes.  I was HUNGRY as HELL , and so per my herbalist’s instructions, I had a little bit of wild rice with some tomatoes over it.  It is amazing how creative you get when you’re hungry, cats would be in mad danger if I were ever homeless.  I had a Swamp Grass Smoothie  for breakfast (See day 3) and for lunch a salad.  I am really tired so I am going to go to bed early and will resume with a workout in the morning.

Nom Nom

I want you to know, that I believe this is worth it.  At this point I don’t want to throw what I have done away and the thought of keeping good health is truly what continues to motivate me.  So no matter how bad you want that juicy burger with ketchup and pickles and that awesome sauce that drips when you eat it, accompanied by those hot and properly salted french fries that taste like a little drip of heaven you should remember that chemo is expensive!  


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