I know you are wondering if I fell off the wagon with my regards to the detox, I didn’t.  The wagon that I couldn’t stay on was writing about it for various reasons, one being the FLU!  I completed my detox and I have to tell you that it was not easy, I was pulling teeth towards the end because I kept thinking about HOT FOOD!  Then I had a moment and remembered that the reason my brain works the way it does is so that I don’t conduct myself like a Hyena.  I finally coasted into my detox-flow (I like how that sounds) and completed the task at hand.  

It made me feel good for various reasons…

1. I completed what I started, it was was different from joining a choir, painting a street wall, learning Japanese…You get the picture.

2. My body felt rejuvenated and new, I haven’t been falling asleep at 6:17 PM as of late.

3. I can see a difference in my skin, nails and hair and my tummy’s not so bad either.

4. I expanded my fruits and vegetables catalog, a lot more options make you optimistic about the next meal, especially when you’re greedy like me.

AND drum roll please

NUMBER FIVE:  I learned so many things to do with KALE, KALe, KAle, Kale, kale.  

I steam it, put it in a salad, make chips, bake it, stew it and the list goes on and on.

I try to do this every 4 months, you should try it.  Someone told me that they thought the whole detox thing was extreme and I simply reminded her that it is no more extreme than an oil change for your car every three months.  

Give your system a break and reward it with the fruits of the Universe’s labor, YOU deserve it!

Kale (Vegan) Parmesan Chips—Delicioso!

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