Everyone that knows my comedy understands how it is deeply rooted in truth and based on my life.  I have SEVERE ROAD RAGE and was having a tough time maturely reconciling this consuming anger that drives me to want to get out of my car and confiscate a stranger’s keys.  I have come to a place where I might have found some semblance of solution.  I am seeking the deeper meaning for why idiotic drivers do what they do, I have become a Road-ologist; one who makes psychological assessments of the driving impaired.  

I’ll start with this, those that like to switch lanes without the proper signal are reckless in nature and hazardous to your health.  These are the people that don’t like to use condoms, if you’re dating one go get yourself tested at once!

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One thought on “ROAD RAGE DIARIES!

  1. I concur with your assessment. This is a fallen world, the sane has to govern the insane in order to save humanity. Roadologist, keep wearing your “big girl” glasses.

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