Back on the block!

Haven’t been writing in a while, I’ve been experiencing some growing pains. Many times they make you feel you are not getting anywhere because “they” are not giving you the accolades. I have had to seek within myself and really assess what success means to me. I have so many people tell me that I am too radical and militant in my thinking and that perhaps I should tone it down. Then I think about the people that I admire and realize that if they toned it down, I wouldn’t have any heroes.

My manager asked me recently, “What do you stand for? What is your message?”. I had to sit down and really think about this, because no one had ever asked me this before. I started to watch my videos and look over my sets and realized that I am more than a single mom, more than a woman, more than a Puerto Rican, Latina or whatever else. I am a human being, fighting for values; working to preserve those things that unite us as people and make us stronger.

Some may think it’s corny, but I think it’s kind of cool to believe in doing the right thing.

See you at a show soon!

AR 💝

3 thoughts on “Back on the block!

  1. Aida, I hear you, and feel you! Sometimes we do feel like we’re spinning our wheels, and going nowhere. However, we don’t have to find a category we fit into, other than just being human!

    I can appreciate your dilemma, because we do like to be accepted, and appreciated. But, as the expression goes… I’d rather be respected than liked! And, as I can attest, many of us give you mad respect! Keep doing you my sista!

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