HEY TV, Where are the MEDIUM CHICKS????

I recently went into a couple of TV network and production company meetings to discuss my television goals and I gotta tell you, these meetings can really rip at your inner core and make you feel like you just fell out of a dumpster. I digress, there is a point to this fulmination. 

I was told by a woman, that I needed to decide who I was going to be on television. She said, “You can be the fat girl or the skinny one, but there is no room for medium on television honey.” She boasted of her extensive television knowledge and assured me that “This is just  the reality, Dear”. 

Then I said to myself, no wonder television sucks nowadays and so many TV shows fail, they’re writing the shows for themselves and about themselves, with no regard for the people that actually watch it. 

Two things I must touch upon and I will let you get on with your day.

I am so thankful for being a stand up comedian that tours, I have the opportunity to “first hand” talk to those people that actually watch television and support it. And I will tell you Dr. Hollywood, most women are medium and they are beautiful; their foreheads move, they have meat on their bones and they radiate with joy. I wish I could tell you that television is a reflection of the hungry, duck faced figurines you keep pushing sporting a $3000 bag and refined mutt you call a designer dog, but that is not the case. You keep missing them, the women that go to work every day, take care of their own children, cook at home and actually like their lives. The ones that haven’t been a size 2 since they were 12, are absolutely healthy that haven’t been on cleanse for the last six years.

There is something to this, how is television to tell the story of the average person when they are being represented by people that are fake! I”ll say it again, fake. Fake and afraid to grow older, gain weight, get wrinkles, have in-grown toe nails, bad gas, battle with sun spots, have cavaties, sport saddle bags and love handles, showcase their natural skin pigmentation, have their hair fall out and the ongloing list of normal stuff that happens to all people. Medium women are perfect just the way they are and you must stop telling them that they are not, they resent you for it, I resent you for it.

Secondly and lastly, do I really need to get into the destruction of body image you keep pushing upon our young. As someone in recovery from self destructive eating habits, it’s not easy to hear that the balance I’ve have been fighting for since I was 14 is not going to cut it for me to obtain my goals in television. It is most hurtful when it comes from another woman because she is supposed to understand. How destructive does the industry have to be for there to be change?

I will end with this, I propose a solution…how about you send your scouts (writers, producers, etc…) out  to check out what is happening in the world you seem to think you are capturing on screen. Think about the shows that are successful and why they are, most of the times is because people can look at those characters and say, “That’s my uncle Joe.”, “This happened to me once.”, and “I know that feeling”.

I think all women should be on telelvision, not just the ones that fit into your box, your box isn’t a good reflection of what’s actually out there. PUT SOME MEDIUM WOMEN ON TELEVISION!

Medium and Happy

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