Shit got weird last night.

I wondered if I was the only one that noticed that I wasn’t on stage last night. The thought that I was, is what makes me want to take pain killers in abundance. It is so hard to just be a regular human when you’re a comic, I’ve been trying it this week. Let me take you through my day.

I woke up early, like most civilized humans that have to work.

I ate breakfast, I never do that, this is why I have excess fat around my waist.

I went outside and people were smiling, WTF is that?

I walked around and realized that I didn’t have shit to do because I haven’t booked a TV job, something about them not looking for 5’10 Puerto Rican/Domincans.

I wrote some jokes that I actually hated and threw the notebook away.

I walked around some more and realized that I wasn’t going anywhere because I was in a room.

I hate people.

I checked the headlines.  Yup, Donald Trump still hates people that don’t look like him, Mark Rubio thinks Vancouver is in America and Sarah Palin’s daughter is a blogger and not a star of an MTV show.

I walked around some more and then headed to do my podcast (like most winners do).

I ate a salad, I hate them more than people.

I went to the UPS store and marveled at the guy who works there explain the different types of tape and their upsides. I wanted to crash into the glass head first, but opted not to.

I had sushi for dinner at Katana and wanted to jump over the balcony when I realized that the people at the table next to me were discussing the benefits of Botox.

I hate people.

I got in the car and raced to the nearest bed so that the day could be over and then I realized that I was having a major melt down because I was not on a stage.


4 thoughts on “Shit got weird last night.

  1. We thought you were great on Valentine Day! You didn’t hear our laughter? My son wanted to ask you for a date to explore the real Bay Area. Instead he brought a tee shirt, not to suffer rejection. Stay cool and beautiful!

  2. But Aida, you always have a stage. All of us online who support you and care for you. You’re on stage whenever you Tweet, Post or Periscope. We love following along on your stories, jokes and your podcast (I promise one day I will call in but sadly work keeps me from doing so!) Hope to see you soon, one way or another. 🙂

  3. I hate some people too like walking behind someone at a Walmart Isle lmao Hope your days get better, you are great at what you do 🙂

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