Multiple Caller-Shaming.

I have serial callers and YES my mother is one of them, she had me at 16 and didn’t chose to abort me, she can call me ALL DAY LONG! For some odd reason, certain people (who are not my mother) feel  that THEY (and what they do and talk about) are more important than me and my shit. 

Or at least that is how it works it out in my crazy mind when—-> you call me and I don’t answer, and THEN you call me again AFTER you’ve sent a text and liked my picture on IG (to let me know you’re watching). Perhaps, (let’s put on our thinking caps for a second) I CAN’T TALK RIGHT NOW, DAMNIT and you are being very fucking annoying. 


What did you say? 

What if it’s an emergency? 

Do what the white lady says on all of the recordings you hear: HANG UP AND CALL 911!!!!!

*I don’t even know CPR. 

Hi, I’m @FunnyAida and #ILLSAYITFORYOU 


3 thoughts on “Multiple Caller-Shaming.

  1. This is mother.



    I need these blogs to update me on the daily dose of buffoonery out in the world.
    You’re such a great writer. You paint the picture with bold and vivacious colors — no Pastels from Aida — that’s for damn sure!

  2. you spot on, don’t you just hate it when after you don’t take their calls and don’t answer their text they don’t get the hint that you don’t want to talk to them right now…..

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