Dear ‘Omar,

Today is your birthday, we sure did it, didn’t we? Through all of the things that we have been through, I think the birthdays are always the best because they are the reminders.  The reminders of one amazing trip through life with the person you wake up for every morning. When I was pregnant with you, I hid out so that no one would get any bright ideas like trying to drive me to the abortion clinic. I was told that I was being a fool because I wasn’t ready to have a baby, even the doctor said that my pelvic bones were’t fully developed, he was such a hater. 

I have always been thankful for you because you have been such a source of joy; a reminder that I do good things. I am so glad that I didn’t break you because there were many times when I was just winging it. I remember when you tied a jump rope around your play turtle’s neck and would drag it around like a pet, you were so creative; a genius in the making.  

You are one of the smartest, funniest and interesting people I know, I think they made you in heaven. If so, I’d like to go there because I truly want to always know everything about you. Thank you for saving my life, it was pretty bland before you got here. Watching you grow up has been awesome, you have done some cool stuff, I look forward to seeing more. I love you. 

2 thoughts on “Dear ‘Omar,

  1. You are a very cool Mom, Aida. And wow, you looked almost exactly like Halle Berry when you were a younger Mom (or maybe she looks like you!?)!!! Anyway, Happy Birthday to Omar!!! I am wishing him many, many blessings, and you many more moments of supreme love, joy and pride in the unfolding scroll of his life…

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