You like athletes, don’t you? 

The other day as I was checking my Facebook page, I came across a comment. A boy I used to know left word that he was looking for me and left his phone number on my page, but that wasn’t the only number he left. He signed off on the comment with his high school football number. I thought it was pretty corny and indicative that someone was living in a time warp, because honestly, it took me some time and research to put it together. 

One of my stalker, male friends saw this comment and his automatic reaction was to ask/accuse: “You like athletes, don’t you?”My initial response as a woman would be to defend myself and say “no”, because there is a level of judgement that goes along with being a woman who likes a man that plays sports. 

My response: “Physically? What’s there not to like?”

I know very well that not many (if any) would ask a man, “You like super models, don’t you?” And if it is asked, it’s usually not met with skepticism. But for a woman to have to admit to like an athlete, you are also expected to be a gold digger, groupie and possibly a whore. 

Fuck that…

Who doesn’t like a 6’2, 205 lbs Adonis with little to no body fat? And why do we have to be ashamed of it? Do you know any men who duck in embarrassment over the fact that they think that Beyonce is hot? Probably not, because there is no moral implication associated with the admission. But for some reason, there is nobility in a woman liking the average Joe (not that there’s anything wrong with that) while men get to scape goat with this bullshit notion that men are visual creatures.


Guess what? Women are visual creatures too. 

Lebron James without a shirt can make a legally blind woman reach for a magnifying glass.  Derek Jeter is like a piece of a cloud that fell onto a baseball field. Alex Rodriguez is simply candy. That being said, like many women who feel like this, I am not leaving my family to pursue these guys on the road. Still, I can like them, yes I can. 

Being superficial is a part of who we all are, we are drawn to what is appealing to our eyes. That doesn’t make us bad people, what we do with it makes us who we are. 

Some of us are going to be shallow assholes and there is nothing you can do about it. Then there are those of us who can appreciate, celebrate and masturbate to some of those beautiful creatures who turn us on… 

and then carry on with our day. 

I was in a long term relationship with a man who became a professional athlete and he was the most beautiful thing to me inside and out. I was with him long before he got into the league but I can’t deny that he was quite the specimen in my eyes and my attraction to him could not be matched. His body type became my favorite body type and I would like it if he was wide receiver for the Dolphins, a nurse at the hospital, an astronaut, a truck driver, worked at H&R Block, was the UPS man…You get the picture. 

If you are a man and find yourself judging women for being attracted to men with superior bodies, perhaps you should decrease your complex carb intake and increase your strength and conditioning. And next time you’re whacking off to that Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, just know we too have our own Sports Illustrated magazine, the one that issues year round.   


“I ain’t sorry.” – Beyonce 

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