My name is Aida pronounced A-EYE-THA, Rodriguez (not really, but let’s roll with it). I know I have allowed many of you to call me Ay-Da for years, but I can’t do that any longer. Both of my grandmothers share the name and I am just the namesake, I lost my favorite one 2 years ago and made a promise that I would honor OUR name by making sure that others pronounce it correctly. It’s the least I can do, I’ve been quite the ratchet in other departments.

3 thoughts on “A(eye)tha

  1. I’ve been last comic standing and just finished reading your post about haters and the negativity. Just want to tell you that the reason they’re hating is because of your self confidence. It’s clear you know who you are and they (critics) have to tear something beautiful down. Stay strong. It will pay off!

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