Oh, these hips of mine.

In this moment, I remember stylist Kev Couture dressing me in Leontine Abdullah, Artelia Phelps on the face-beat and being too self-conscious to actually leave my hotel room wearing this. Oh these hips of mine have always been the thorn on my side, literally and figuratively. I tend to hide my body, after being abused as a young girl, I felt that I was supposed to cover up. My hips have always been my battle, the unwanted attention and the scoff of the modeling industry and its faulty Eurocentric standard of beauty. I shared this with a male friend, and he spouted “hips are the difference between boys and girls”. I guess that was his way of making me feel better by dissing other women who may have different attributes than me, like a 24 inch waist. My point is that 1. You just gotta rock with what you got and love it, it’s infectious. 2. We are all made differently and all have our own attributes which make us special. We don’t have to shit on others to make ourselves feel better, that reeks of insecurity. And, THREE and most importantly… we can be fine, beautiful, gorgeous and whatever else and we don’t owe anyone else an apology for it, ESPECIALLY those nasty moahfuggahs who strive to abuse it! It is never your fault that someone else is sick and broken, if you’ve been abused, get the help that you need. You owe that to your pretty self. You hear that @funnyaida this one is for you too!

Multiple Caller-Shaming.

I have serial callers and YES my mother is one of them, she had me at 16 and didn’t chose to abort me, she can call me ALL DAY LONG! For some odd reason, certain people (who are not my mother) feel  that THEY (and what they do and talk about) are more important than me and my shit. 

Or at least that is how it works it out in my crazy mind when—-> you call me and I don’t answer, and THEN you call me again AFTER you’ve sent a text and liked my picture on IG (to let me know you’re watching). Perhaps, (let’s put on our thinking caps for a second) I CAN’T TALK RIGHT NOW, DAMNIT and you are being very fucking annoying. 


What did you say? 

What if it’s an emergency? 

Do what the white lady says on all of the recordings you hear: HANG UP AND CALL 911!!!!!

*I don’t even know CPR. 

Hi, I’m @FunnyAida and #ILLSAYITFORYOU