Little GIRL Lost!

I used to believe that I was adopted, I mean, really believe it to my core. I endured some of the(eee) most backwards shit as a kid, and every single transgression had a gross justification. Take this picture for example, there are two very wrong things going on here. That look on my face is not just depair and disdain, it is also deeply rooted in shame.

Lou Diamond Phillips

I used to have this green jumper, that was offensive, not just to those that had to witness it, but to my vag area. I was a tall kid and this outfit just didn’t fit, it was too short and it downright hurt my “Cu-Co” (as grandma would call it). My mother loved this thing for some reason, as you can see her proudly accessorizing it with Mr. Roper’s scarf.

MESSAGE: Don’t do this to your tall kids, it shits on their self-esteem and more importantly, their self-assessment.

Alright, let’s get to the more obvious. Why the hell do I have a haircut that speaks more to the military than it does to the first grade? Simple: some Latin folk believe that cutting your daughter’s hair, makes it grow back stronger. I really wish I had a better reason like I caught lice at school or had finished my chemo, but no,  this was my mother following the directions of her elders on how to get my hair in that “Head and Shoulders” commercial condition.

So, what do you get when you dress your 6 year old girl in a Soul Train outfit and give her a buzz cut? A baby Lou Diamond Phillips!

Day 8: Cooking for the “Others”

Out of the frying pan...
This is a job!

One of my biggest challenges while eating this way is having to cook for others.  It can be soooo hard, because no matter what I’m cooking, it all smells so good.  Everything smells delicious, even the things that I don’t normally eat.  I cooked a full meal and I didn’t touch a thing, it was hard but it is worth it in the end.

Day 7, Week 1, Hell Yeah!

The Transformation Continues!

I am tired my friends, so I will keep this post short and sweet.  A week went by and what seemed impossible is now behind me.  I want you to understand that making a commitment to change is a choice that requires work.  I feel it everyday, most of my day feels good though.  I have been eating many fruits and vegetables but my nuts (cashews, pistachios and almonds) give me the fullness that I need to cope.  The workouts are hard at times but they get easier with time and they don’t feel as draining.  My water intake is very high and it makes me feel refreshed and staying hydrated fuels my energy.  I am proud to have completed week one and am excited to see what is ahead.  Good night.  

Day 1: Funny Aida Does, Jokes, Pilates and Herbs!

DAY 1 is always the toughest, your body goes through food withdrawal and the workout feels like a bust.  I decided to take off with a blast like most resolution-ists and then taper off to a major fall off later.  No, not this time, that’s what I like to tell myself but let’s see how this works out.  I actually followed all of the rules for my detox with one minor exception of tasting the mashed potatoes that I cooked for “the others”.

I got up, threw on the ultra work out gear, did the mid swag jog ala Rocky (around my living room) and decided to really get serious.  I reached for the Yoga mat and popped in two DVDs.  I started my workout with my GAIAM lower body pilates workout with Jilliam Hessel and then I got my urban mid section workout on with Celebrity Trainer Jeanette Jenkins.  I gotta tell you that my entire body is sore, I thought this would be a mild workout but I played myself, Pilates and Jeanette is for the real warriors.

A day of pears, stretching, Pilates and Milk Thistle is for the real gangstas of today, if you don’t believe me try it.

The Goal!
The Goal!