I know you are wondering if I fell off the wagon with my regards to the detox, I didn’t.  The wagon that I couldn’t stay on was writing about it for various reasons, one being the FLU!  I completed my detox and I have to tell you that it was not easy, I was pulling teeth towards the end because I kept thinking about HOT FOOD!  Then I had a moment and remembered that the reason my brain works the way it does is so that I don’t conduct myself like a Hyena.  I finally coasted into my detox-flow (I like how that sounds) and completed the task at hand.  

It made me feel good for various reasons…

1. I completed what I started, it was was different from joining a choir, painting a street wall, learning Japanese…You get the picture.

2. My body felt rejuvenated and new, I haven’t been falling asleep at 6:17 PM as of late.

3. I can see a difference in my skin, nails and hair and my tummy’s not so bad either.

4. I expanded my fruits and vegetables catalog, a lot more options make you optimistic about the next meal, especially when you’re greedy like me.

AND drum roll please

NUMBER FIVE:  I learned so many things to do with KALE, KALe, KAle, Kale, kale.  

I steam it, put it in a salad, make chips, bake it, stew it and the list goes on and on.

I try to do this every 4 months, you should try it.  Someone told me that they thought the whole detox thing was extreme and I simply reminded her that it is no more extreme than an oil change for your car every three months.  

Give your system a break and reward it with the fruits of the Universe’s labor, YOU deserve it!

Kale (Vegan) Parmesan Chips—Delicioso!

Day 8: Cooking for the “Others”

Out of the frying pan...
This is a job!

One of my biggest challenges while eating this way is having to cook for others.  It can be soooo hard, because no matter what I’m cooking, it all smells so good.  Everything smells delicious, even the things that I don’t normally eat.  I cooked a full meal and I didn’t touch a thing, it was hard but it is worth it in the end.

Day 7, Week 1, Hell Yeah!

The Transformation Continues!

I am tired my friends, so I will keep this post short and sweet.  A week went by and what seemed impossible is now behind me.  I want you to understand that making a commitment to change is a choice that requires work.  I feel it everyday, most of my day feels good though.  I have been eating many fruits and vegetables but my nuts (cashews, pistachios and almonds) give me the fullness that I need to cope.  The workouts are hard at times but they get easier with time and they don’t feel as draining.  My water intake is very high and it makes me feel refreshed and staying hydrated fuels my energy.  I am proud to have completed week one and am excited to see what is ahead.  Good night.  

The Ugly Truth! Detox day 2


Today was day 2 of my detox and I gotta tell you (as the above picture shows) it got ugly.  I didn’t do so well eating completely raw and my workout was, as they say in New York, nervous!!!  I did half of an Ab workout and quit, I was so weak.  I ate some noodles and popcorn (THIS IS SO NOT GOOD), but I have to keep it 100.  So I tried to balance out the day by drinking lots of water and not eating anything else that wasn’t raw.

There’s is nothing to do but move forward and be real about where we stand.  I could lie to you but the scale would tell me the TRUTH!  I will admit that today I wished that I was in a live game of “Candy Land” so that I could delight in endless gumdrops, peppermints and lollipops.  I know that it’s the addiction to toxins in my body that call for these and am gearing up for the battle.  Now, I will pick myself up by my cross trainers and hit the beat, yet again.  I HAVE A GOAL and it does not entail having a tire between my chest and knees.  Let’s keep going, I promise, tomorrow will be better!