“Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams!”


Here we go, farewell to another year!  I would say glorious, but I don’t know if I could sincerely use that word.  This year was a tough one for me, containing some of the most valuable lessons, those lessons that knock the wind out of you.  I lost two of the most important people in my life that truly shaped who I am today and I am forever changed.  Up until then, I remember complaining about not getting enough work, people not liking me, forces trying to hold me back and then one sobering moment made it all suddenly unimportant, the perspective of what life is about for me was staring me in the face.

While most will resolve to lose weight, be better with money, get that magical job or whatever it is that is weighing on their hearts, I have but one resolution:  to embrace who I am and accept it.  From self-acceptance all good things grow, it is the one thing we are programmed not to do.

I have learned some very interesting things about myself that I was not able to face at one point because they go against the grain.   I release that and will share a few of the lessons that I have compiled along the way, they keep coming I hear.

I have a strong point of view and am very opinionated. This does not mean I’m an angry woman, am bitter or have been damaged.  Of course, I’ve experienced all of these things, who hasn’t?  That is not what my POV is born of.  I will not apologize for loving myself, respecting my people, embracing my journey and educating myself on life …that is what makes me who I AM!

I can be silly, I am immature and I have a long way to go.  As much as I think I know, there is a world of things I have yet to encounter.  This makes life a splendor; I am excited about learning everyday!  There are some areas where I really need to grow, I am human and that is a beautiful thing, not a deficit.

Every person in your life does not deserve a permanent pass. Let’s face it, some people serve as the best lessons in life, that doesn’t mean they are entitled to your forever.  The best favor you can ever give someone in your life that contributes to or shares in your misery is a departure.

Being alone is a gift! How can I work within any system, if I can’t exist on my own?  I have learned some of the most beautiful things about myself in solitude.  I have also been afforded the time and space to work on the things that are not so beautiful so that I can be an asset when I do join a partnership.  Don’t be afraid to be alone, the most important love affair in life you will ever enjoy is the one with yourself.

Your life space is a library. As abrasive as it may sound, people belong in categories…in your life!  This does not mean you have the right to discriminate against others as people, just as the people in your life.  I find that it is quite healthy to compartmentalize, everyone is not worthy of occupancy in that space around your heart.  Some people will just be those that you can have coffee with twice a year, and those two encounters will be great and enriching of your life.  What’s wrong with that? Nothing!  Everyone can’t be a part of your day to day, that is reserved for the your constants, not your variables.

I hope that some of these words can be helpful for you, as my discoveries continue to grow, so does my perspective.  I am in no way calling myself anything other than an expert in my life and am willing to share.  Take this New Year into your hands and create the year that you want, make yourself choose happiness even when it doesn’t show up as an option.  I know that those that I lost expect nothing but the best for and from me, therefore I will honor them by going back everyday to do my best and be my best self!  I wish you nothing but success and a year full of amazing decision.  After all, it is my fundamental belief that the Universe agrees with a made up mind.  God Bless you all.



Day 8: Cooking for the “Others”

Out of the frying pan...
This is a job!

One of my biggest challenges while eating this way is having to cook for others.  It can be soooo hard, because no matter what I’m cooking, it all smells so good.  Everything smells delicious, even the things that I don’t normally eat.  I cooked a full meal and I didn’t touch a thing, it was hard but it is worth it in the end.

Day 7, Week 1, Hell Yeah!

The Transformation Continues!

I am tired my friends, so I will keep this post short and sweet.  A week went by and what seemed impossible is now behind me.  I want you to understand that making a commitment to change is a choice that requires work.  I feel it everyday, most of my day feels good though.  I have been eating many fruits and vegetables but my nuts (cashews, pistachios and almonds) give me the fullness that I need to cope.  The workouts are hard at times but they get easier with time and they don’t feel as draining.  My water intake is very high and it makes me feel refreshed and staying hydrated fuels my energy.  I am proud to have completed week one and am excited to see what is ahead.  Good night.  

All Hail to the KALE! DAY 6


Yo, today was a good day!  I decided that it was going to be and so it was.  I had all of my herbs during the day, I walked for 30 minutes and ate clean all day.  I actually had some delicious KALE with a raw dressing that was FANTABULOUS or maybe I was just hungry as hell (either way) it worked out.  I am not going to get all holy righteous and tell you that this is easy for me, because it is not.  I have been on a roller coaster for years with my self destructive eating habits and am working on making healthy eating a habit.  It’s a battle for me just like it is for you, but I am never going to quit trying.  Throughout the day I can’t tell you how many times I am tempted by one of these demonic commercials or the smell of something that JUST CAN’T BE GOOD!  I just close my eyes, meditate, hum a song to myself and sometimes even just pinch myself to remember the goal, damnit.  I am battling years of programming here: from a mother that would force me to clean my plate to the society wrecking monster of commercialism that capitalizes on those that eat poorly.  Anyways, I didn’t want to get too heavy for you, I am trying to get away from that, literally.  But I just wanted to share so that you would know that it is more common than you think; you are not alone…just look around.  Ciao.