Day 8: Cooking for the “Others”

Out of the frying pan...
This is a job!

One of my biggest challenges while eating this way is having to cook for others.  It can be soooo hard, because no matter what I’m cooking, it all smells so good.  Everything smells delicious, even the things that I don’t normally eat.  I cooked a full meal and I didn’t touch a thing, it was hard but it is worth it in the end.

Day 1: Funny Aida Does, Jokes, Pilates and Herbs!

DAY 1 is always the toughest, your body goes through food withdrawal and the workout feels like a bust.  I decided to take off with a blast like most resolution-ists and then taper off to a major fall off later.  No, not this time, that’s what I like to tell myself but let’s see how this works out.  I actually followed all of the rules for my detox with one minor exception of tasting the mashed potatoes that I cooked for “the others”.

I got up, threw on the ultra work out gear, did the mid swag jog ala Rocky (around my living room) and decided to really get serious.  I reached for the Yoga mat and popped in two DVDs.  I started my workout with my GAIAM lower body pilates workout with Jilliam Hessel and then I got my urban mid section workout on with Celebrity Trainer Jeanette Jenkins.  I gotta tell you that my entire body is sore, I thought this would be a mild workout but I played myself, Pilates and Jeanette is for the real warriors.

A day of pears, stretching, Pilates and Milk Thistle is for the real gangstas of today, if you don’t believe me try it.

The Goal!
The Goal!

Happy New Year!!! 2013: Let’s Get It Right


Disclaimer: This is not a resolution, I have decided to challenge myself and I’m inviting you to join me in doing the same.

The deadline is set, 30 days to a better me! A few years ago we did an awesome herbal detox and fitness challenge via Facebook and over 500 of you joined me in the name of HEALTH!
We’ll be documenting our progress via Instagram and I’ll post blog entries along the way letting it all hang out, literally. I am tired of not being in the shape that I want to be in, EFF!  what everyone else says.  What do YOU think about those love handles and having to turn at a certain angle to get the “right” picture for Instagram?

My goal is to be in ultimate shape which for me means toning my entire body, healthy above all else, creating and maintaining good body karma. My measurable goals are to lose 15 lbs., 5 % body fat and 4 inches off of my hips and waist.

What are your goals for a better you?  Please feel free to share them here in the comments or on Instagram tag me in your pictures @FunnyAida/#FunnyAida. I look forward to reposting your inspirational journeys.

FOOD:  I will be doing a 21 day herbal detox that will consists of taking herbs and eating raw.

EXERCISE: Pilates, Yoga, Cardio and Zumba.

ALSO: 8 Hours of sleep, 64 ounces of water daily, reading and being creative and embracing all things positive.

Excited? When do we start?  For me, immediately, there is work to be done.  Feel free to join me at any time by tagging me in your pictures & sharing your goals. DAY 1, is always the toughest.  Let’s go!!!